Sunday, July 11, 2010

Strawberry Crepes

Strawberry Crepes

I've been fortunate to have made crepes similar to these before. If you missed my rave about Alissa Cohen's Strawberry Crepes, it's here:

Those easily make my top three best raw food I've ever had. (#1 being Kephra Anu's Kale and Egg Salad; #2 being Matt Amsden's Tostadas from his book RAWvolution.)

So when I saw Red, White, and Blue Crepes at Gena's blog Choosing Raw, I thought, "I can make that today!...Minus the blueberries because I don't have any." Away we go!

The crepe is simply bananas. I don't put anything else in it. Blend five ripe bananas in a food processor with "S" blade. Don't add anything. No water, no nothing. The bananas will turn into a cream. Put them in a dehydrator at 105 degrees, in 6" circles, on the Teflex sheet. I don't have Teflex sheets, so I used parchment paper. Do not use wax paper, plastic wrap nor aluminum foil. I dehydrated them for 12 hours. Check them at 10 hours. I didn't have to turn them over.

I peeled them off the parchment paper with ease. They are like fruit leathers. You want them to be pliable. See how I'm able to fold them in half?

Next are the strawberries. I cut up a cup of strawberries, but you can use as many as you like. I put them in the dehydrator on the mesh screens for 12 hours as well (along with the bananas). Gena shared this technique from Raw Food Real World.

Take them out of the dehydrator and put them in the food processor. You don't need to add water. But I did notice the more berries I added, the easier it was to blend. I did add a little bit of water to get the berries moving. But a "little bit" (start with a tablespoon) is all you need because you want a strawberry jam, not strawberry sauce!

For the "whipped cream" I used my "go-to" sauce that I always use, my infamous Sweet Cashew Cream. This is the same cream I used in my Oprah audition. I'm telling ya'll, if you can eat nuts, please put this on your Raw Food Staples list.

4 cups of cashews
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 tablespoons agave nectar
Water JUST TO THE TOP of the cashews.
Blend until smooth. You want it creamy and THICK.

Put the strawberry jam on first, then the cashew cream. Fold over. Eat!

 A good way to soften the crepes is to put the jam on top too. Just to share, if you really love strawberries, a sauce can be made like this:

Strawberry Sauce
1 1/2 cup strawberries
1-2 tablespoons honey

The combination is HEAVENLY. It's sweet and creamy. My oldest son went nuts for this. Again, you have a kid-friendly and adult-friendly breakfast!



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Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!! Thank you sooo much for posting this! You inspired me. Can't wait to try this recipe this weekend! By the way, my dehydrated mangos turned out great! - Tahisha


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