Friday, June 17, 2011

Gratitude Friday - June 17 2011

Here's a new series I call Gratitude Friday :-). I "borrowed" this idea from Ms. Joanne Newell, one of the blog contributors at Raw Mom. This week, I am grateful for:

  • my supportive spouse, Rom.
  • my interview, and for Mia Redrick, who made it happen. I'm Mom #9!
  • the constant love and support of my family
  • the ever-present push from Spirit to be on the raw food path
  • all the people I've met through Raw Mom.
What are you grateful for this week? Take the time to think about it!


Mocha Angel message: Magnificence in life can only be achieved if you love what you do. Passion is the engine of success!


Stace said...

Well, isn't that obvious, Angela??? I'm grateful for you!!! YES!!! Thank you that, despite ALL of the busyness and ALL of the challenges you continue to face in your own personal life, you continue you to make time for ALL of your blog followers and continue to selflessly share your knowledge and experiences. Thank you, Angela!!! :-) And congratulations again on ALL of your little personal successes and triumphs. :-)

{{Bear Hugs filled with love and appreciation}},

Althea said...

Thanks Stacey! That's so nice of you to say!



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