Friday, June 24, 2011

Gratitude Friday - June 24 2011

  • I am grateful this week that Raymond found a book series that he likes to read. It's the Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. "Various Mutants from Other Planets" series. Not only is it hilarious, but each book includes a "flip-o-rama' animation on several pages. I think that's why he likes it. I really believe he's going to make movies as an adult. I'll share more on Healing My Sons.

  • I am grateful for Natisha volunteering to transcribe my Queen Afua interview!
  • I am grateful that I am craving greens! (Who craves leafy greens? Does anyone else out there crave them?)
  • I am grateful that my 1st time veggie garden is producing! Below is a photo of squash leaves!

  • And I am grateful for you all, my readers! None of you un-subscribed while I was away at Raw Mom (I'm still there!). I had no idea the job would be so time-consuming (and next week will be ALL consuming...). But you all hung in there with me; kept coming to my blog; sent me emails (SARA!); and said, "where are you?" I sincerely appreciate the love you all send my way. Right back at you ALL!
Althea ◦

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Anonymous said...

We love you too, Althea, and we are grateful for your generosity of spirit. (Yeah, I dare speak for ALL your followers! Lol!) Truly, I am always uplifted, inspired, encouraged and re-invigorated when I visit your blog. Thank you. :-)


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