Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi Everyone :-)

I'm leaving my job as Blog Editor at Raw Mom. My last day is July 1st. I liked the job and learned what it takes to run a multi-website platform. My job was focused on Monday-Wednesday-Friday blogging and managing other writers. To say the job was "intense" is like saying the sun is "hot" other words, a massive understatement.

My intention for this year is that I'm focused on healing myself and my family. With that, I have two pieces of good news:

Jona and Raymond see their Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician every 6 months. They saw him yesterday. He ended our visit by saying, "This is wonderful! Your children are progressing well, and Jona is now close to where he should be cognitively for a six-year-old."

YES!!! Whoo hooo!

And he told me that I sigh too much. I had no idea that I did that. I get it from my mother. I've been lying over a rolled blanket to help expand my lung capacity.

The second thing happened today. Me, Raymond, and Jona go to the chiropractor once per week. While Raymond was being treated (I was with Raymond, but I could hear Jona), Jona goes into the secretaries' office and asks, "Have you seen my mommy? She's my best friend."

Oh, my heart melted. There was a time I worried he would never speak again. I used to think, "Is he ever going to say 'mommy?" Is he ever going to say, "I love you?"

He does both now.

Althea ◦

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