Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lots Going On!

There has been so much going on lately. I wanted to write separate posts for everything. But I decided to put it all in one post.
First, Jona just had a birthday! He's seven years old now! Yea! That's him eating b-day gf cupcakes from Flavor Cupcakery (a Food Network Cupcake Wars winning bakery! Whoo Hoo!). Mommy didn't feel like making cupcakes from scratch. It's wonderful having an awesome bakery in my county that caters to GF-people and vegans.

And in a rare moment, I actually stuck myself in one of my kids photos. I decided not to hide behind the camera anymore. (More on that on my blog.) We took this self-portrait at Highlands School, where Raymond is getting one-on-one tutoring.


Here's Raymond with his tutor, Miss Heather, who spontaneously grabbed Raymond's Captain Underpants bag for the photo. I am so digging this school. We want to send Raymond there again this summer. Not only for the Social Activities Program, but the Academic side too. He wants to do his school work more independently, and that is a WONDERFUL thing.


This is Raymond with his Cranial-Sacral Therapist, Eric Sumwalt. I know Eric from my Mystickal Voyage days. I took Raymond there because I had read Cranial-Sacral Therapy was good for children with Autism and ADHD. I have to say that Raymond seemed more relaxed right after the session. I saw him relax during the hour-long session. We're seeing Eric every other week, for now.

This is Raymond with Dr. Salim, and his assistant, Tequila (yes, that is her real name) at Children's Heart Institute. Raymond had two irregular EKGs, plus a third irregular one while we were there. Dr. Salim did an echo cardiogram which looked normal, but he suggested Raymond wear a Holter device for 24-hours. Basically, it's a 24-hour EKG.

This is what part of it looked like. My poor child didn't get any sleep that night, as you can imagine. The good news is that Raymond's heart is normal!

This is the kids with their other speech therapist (they have two), Miss Amy. Looking at Jona's face, he has this nervous habit of licking around his mouth, or licking his hand then rubbing his hand around his mouth. Shea Butter knocks that out in 48-hours. So don't worry, he's fine!

And Raymond is in karate and jazz dance! Jona wants to take karate too. Now that he watches his brother, he's practicing his punches and kicks too :-).

Coming up: Raymond's homemade cupcakes.


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