Friday, November 23, 2007

My 98% Raw Thanksgiving

Last year, I promised myself I would have a raw thanksgiving in 2007. The only thing raw at the table last year was the Eggless Egg Dip I got from Raw Food, Right Now. This year, I made kale salad, apple crisp, and guacamole. I had blue chips with it, which is why I was not 100% raw. I've been having incredible salt cravings since Tuesday. Today I'll be getting some nori sheets and wakame to help with my cravings.

Also, yesterday was crazy. It started off sad but turned out great. Alpha child was still sick. I canceled my yoga class because none of us had a gotten any sleep. I had planned on going to a friend's house for Thanksgiving. I was making the apple crisp and that was it. I had no intention on cooking a dinner, period. Well, as children can do, things changed in an instant. I went to the store, thinking of a dinner in my mind as I went. Rom wanted biscuits and wheatloaf (both cooked vegan dishes). I only knew I had to have myself covered. I was in the kitchen between 10:00 am and 3:30pm. By 4:00pm we all ate dinner. Alpha child had waited all day for the apple crisp, but he ate mostly wheatloaf. But we had the apple crisp for breakfast this morning. My husband loved the apple crisp too. When he asks for seconds of anything, he likes it.

I learned that recipe from Lynda Carter of Alive and Raw ( Hers is the only living foods workshop I've taken. I highly recommend her. She's in Richmond, VA.

So I am grateful for yesterday. I was sad at first becuase I REALLY missed my extended family. I called everyone I love and I felt so much better. And my husband understood my malaise. I told him later that night how much I appreciated his concern. This morning I told the universe and angels how happy I was that we had the money for all the bounty of food and that we had each other to love. ◦

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