Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What a Day!

Boy, I didn't see all this coming...yesterday afternoon, my 5 year old got a fever. Everything went south from there. All my attention was focused on him, and making sure my 2 year old didn't get sick either.

I was all raw yesterday. I had carrot tuna and kale salad for lunch and dinner. A green smoothie for lunch. This is important because I know it helped me get through today.

I got up at 2:20am this morning to go the bathroom. I heard Alpha child (as I'll call him) tossing and turning. I sent him to the bathroom. I gave him some natural cough syrup, which he promptly threw up. He felt hotter than he'd been all day but the thermometer kept reading 98.7. I knew that wasn't right. I put it in his mouth instead of under his arm. 103.2!!! Yikes. I didn't sleep again from that point. Rom and I went back and forth about taking him to the ER. I was ready to get us dressed and head out the door, but again, I knew I was missing something.

Via my Mocha Moms chapter, I'd heard that Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps help break fevers. I have a Himalayan Crystal Salt candle. Put a tea tree candle inside of it, light it, boom...candle is activated. I lit it and put it on the dresser right beside Alpha child's head. His fever went down within the hour. And it continued to fall all day long. But he never broke a sweat until about two hours ago. I've had that candle burning near him all day. Since he barely ate or drank anything, I am going to credit the Himalayan Crystal Salt candle for helping my baby.

I kept thinking, "God, I'm glad I'm back on raw." My clarity of thought at 3:00am was amazing. Chronic fatigue has plagued me for years due to some ongoing stressful situations, so I was thrilled to be so present this morning. I did sleep for about an hour and a half this afternoon along with Beta child. Rom was nice enough to come home from work early.

Today I had leftover carrot tuna and kale for breakfast and dinner. I also made apple/kale juice this morning. I had an apple-banana-collard smoothie this afternoon. Ooh! That was good.

The recipe is:
1 peeled and cut apple
2 bananas
handful of your green leafy veggie of choice
(spinach, collard, etc)
1 cup of water
Blend. Drink. Enjoy.

Alpha child has been asleep for a few hours, so I'm going to wake him up now. He is sweating and I am so thankful. But it's times like these where I truly miss my extended family. But for now, taking care of myself and being fully present (back to the mission statement) is where it's at.

Ciao! Gotta teach a yoga class in a little bit. ◦

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Amaadi D. said...


Your blog is quite inspirational. You have really come a long way, and it is my hope that we can walk this journey together.

Keep up the good work!

D. Amaadi


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