Monday, October 19, 2009

The Best Raw Brownies EVER!

I made the Warm Fudge Brownies in Matthew Kenney's book Everyday Raw. Can I just say "WOW!!!!!!!!!!" They are everything a brownie should be: warm, fudgy, thick, rich, short, Heaven on Earth. These brownies are reminiscent of the best brownies I've ever tasted. If you have this book, and a dehydrator, make the brownies.

The above photo is the batter. It was so good. I kept licking the spoon, trying not to eat it all before I put the batter in the pan.
This is what it looked like after being dehydrated.

I think I took them out of the pan too soon, but they still tasted phenomenal. They looked more like cookies, but who cares?

I took two pictures once they were finished. I'd added cacao nibs (just my personal touch), and I'd grinded my own cashew flour, hence why they look grainy. But again, the taste was ridiculous.

The same brownies again. Awesomeness on a plate. Seriously. My husband and my oldest son could not get enough. And I managed to save one for a friend who was leaving my job the next day. She was intrigued by the thought of raw brownies. Upon first bite, her response was, "Wow. This is delicious. I'm going to have to get a dehydrator." Two thumbs up for Warm Fudge Brownies.



YouCanLoveYourLifeNow! said...

Okay, these look RIDICULOUS! I might have to get me a dehydrator too! :-)

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I am mad at you for not posting the recipe. That's just teasing!

Evelyn Parham said...

Looks so good! I didn't need to see this right not..., but I'll overcome. :-)

Dr. Rhonda said...

Althea, Can you recommend an inexpensive dehydrator? I really want to try these as well as a raw cupcake recipe I recently acquired but they both call for a dehydrator. I don't want to make a huge investment but figured I'd come to the source of my excitement (your blog) for advice.


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