Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Light Eating For Survival Blog Project

Light Eating for Survival" Blog Project a la the movie Julie & Julia.
1 Year. 481 Recipes. 1 ambitious mama.
Days 16 and 17

Are these beautiful or what?

Perhaps this is why I only had flu-symptoms for two days! I'm feeling GREAT!

Kale-Apple (my own favorite creation)
2 apples
2 handful of kale leaves

Fruit Punch
6 oz apples
1 oz beet
2 oz cucumber
1 oz green peppers

Complexion Cocktail
3 oz carrot
2 oz cucumber
2 oz apple
1 oz beet

Simple Punch
3 oz carrot
3 oz apple
2 oz beet
It was dark and raining when I took this photo. I couldn't get good light, but they were pretty looking in person :-).

Cooling Carrot
4 oz carrot
2 oz celery

3 oz carrot
2 oz celery
1 oz parsley

Made Anew
2 oz spinach
2 oz beet
4 oz carrot

Quick Lunch
1 oz wheatgrass
3 oz carrot juice

1 oz wheatgrass
1 oz beet
2 z carrot
1 oz apple
1-3 garlic
1/2 teaspoon cayenne

(Not for the fainthearted. WHOOOSAH)



Pam said...

Beautiful colors! I love juices!


Anonymous said...

I made apple/carrot/beet/cucumber juice today and it was very tasty. I even had my sisters asking me to save them some!

eat2evolve said...

Hi Althea. This is so interesting! I got the book Light Eating For Survival back in I think 1979 and still have it - treasure it, really. I always wondered what happened to Marcia...How did you find her?!?! Love and light, Diana


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