Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm growing my own wheatgrass :-)

I have to stop saying that I have a brown thumb. Every plant I touch doesn't grow. But I have a strong desire to grow my own wheatgrass, so I'm intending that I am a champion wheatgrass grower and I DO have a green thumb. Above is my very first tray. It grew! I did it!

My stuff: shallow planting trays, hard winter wheatberries, limestone, and soil.

Sprouting the first batch of seeds. Soak a cup of wheatberries for 12 hours. Sprout for 12 hours, then plant.
Water, then cover in complete darkness for 2-3 days. I'm covering them with black garbage bags, or you can cover with another tray.

This is batch #1. I have three other trays sprouting now. Wish me luck with them. My goal is to have wheatgrass growing in my home constantly.

Althea ◦

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