Monday, February 7, 2011

Juice Feasting

Last fall, I got a clear message to do an extended juice feast that is to begin today. I'm not revealing how long, but it is not 92 days. David Rainoshek, who created, suggests 92 days. Both Terilynn Epperson of The Daily Raw Cafe and Angela Stokes-Monarch of Raw Reform have completed that 92-day feast. I have Angela's juice feasters book and I'm using it as my guide.

To back up a moment: I wasn't feeling an extended juice feast at all. Not in the least. That is why I haven't discussed it until now. But after Raymond's seizure, I didn't sleep well for the next four days. Then I got the flu, again. Since 2006, I've had more upper respiratory infections than I can count. The lungs, as I have said before, are the seats of love and compassion. On the shadow side, they are the seat of grief. I have been told, more than once, that I am not allowing joy into my life. I'm stuck in the day-to-day mundane-ness of life. I can see that.

When I was laying in bed for three straight days from the sheer physical exhaustion of influenza, I said, "Okay, I surrender. I'll do it. You all obviously know more than I do."

Then I got a copy of Kris Carr's new book Crazy Sexy Diet. In the introduction, Dean Ornish, MD writes:

In 2009, the Nobel Prize for Medicine went to Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn for discovering telomerase, an enzyme that repairs and lengthens damaged telomeres, which are the ends of our chromosomes that control aging. Dr. Blackburn and her colleague, Dr. Elissa Epel, studied women who were under chronic emotional stress because they were taking care of children with autism or chronic diseases.

They found that the more stressed the women felt, and the longer they felt stressed, the lower their telomerase and the shorter their telomeres. This was the first study providing genetic evidence indicating that chronic emotional stress might shorten a woman's lifespan.

HELLO! Sometimes books speak to you. Dr. Ornish might as well have been sitting in my living room.

Kris Carr writes in her book:
The early signs and symptoms (of her cancer) were obvious, but I couldn't see them for what they were: a toxic lifestyle and environment that was causing physical and emotional stress. I had a bunch of chronic health problems, including zits, colds, chest infections, allergies, depression (prozac and wine helped that), dry skin, eczema, low sex drive (in my twenties!), bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, acid reflux, yeast infections, and fatigue--all distress signals from an imbalanced body.

Then today, I found out a friend of mine died. Dear Elizabeth was a phenomenal older woman. A survivor. But she had a stroke and passed away. Stress was the major cause of this stroke.

Juice feasting it is. I'll be drinking wheatgrass (and putting on my skin and doing implants), tea, vegetable broth, and juices. I may do smoothies and soups in the beginning. I'll be taking supplements to help with candida and parasites. I'll write how I am doing and feeling.

I want to share with my readers, but I'm not linking this to my Facebook page. I always share my posts on Twitter and Facebook. Not this time. People who subscribe want to know what's going on with me. I do not want to open myself up to "why, what for, and how long?" with people who do not understand.

I intend to be a Wellness Warrior. I'm taking the health of myself, and my family, into my own hands. I'm excited, pumped, and ready to heal. Thanks for coming along and supporting this journey.

Althea ◦


bitt said...

Awesome! Even if it only last a day, you will have cleansed and hopefully feel better. Enjoy Kris's book.

Althea said...

Thanks Bitt!

Pat said...

Sometimes I feel like we are taking the same walk. I just started buying wheat grass and now you are growing it so I am inspired to try for the fun of it and so that I can afford to keep it up. I buy mind frozen from whole foods now. I also bought Chris book and really enjoyed. I took up the idea of juice fasting every Sunday and my Sunday's have been much more peaceful and calm. It's funny Sunday use to mean big dinner homemade bread, pound cake and ice cream.

Who ever said we can't change lied.
I'll be reading and hopefully encouraging you since you do so much for me.

Lots of love and good vibes coming your way as you begin.

Terilynn said...

Take it one juice at a time and explore where it takes you.


Althea said...

@ Pat: I know what you are saying. There's a blog called "Loving Food and Fitness." I swear it's scary how Janya and I line up so much, it's freaky. I think because we are all on this same path of healing, we just get into the same things at the same time.

I saw that happen with me and Terilynn too. To me, it means we all are walking the correct path for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Althea, I am one of your readers, my name is Stacey, and I want to first tell you congratulations for listen to you inner spirit and the spirits around you. Because this task is not an easy one that inner guidance will be your lifeline. For whatever it is worth my personal positive vibrations, prayers and thoughts will be put out into the universe during this journey. I also feel that if you can get a chance to ask you husband if you could have a wellness day first with yourself and then give him one and THEN find some one close to you who can give you and your husband one during your feasting time. And after you have finished take your sons individually on a day date. I am a mother of two youth and I am amazed at what it takes to be a woman, wife, mother and then filter in other relationships as well simultaneously at times.

And if you are into it take with our Great Moon Goddess she guides is every so gently that we sometimes forget that shes there.

Although I may comment here and there I read EVERY update and look forward to them in my inbox. Please know that even though these adjustments in you life are primarily for you and your family the positive vibrations are felt like a ripple that began in a small pond to a slightly larger lake flowing into an even larger river that feeds into a vast and and mighty ocean...

Peace, love and positive motion of the ocean gently rocked by out Great Goddess...the MOON!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the typos I wrote this in the midst of my youth jumping around and such but it suppose to say "listening" instead of listen and ask "your" husband instead of you.

"And if you are into it talk with our Great Moon Goddess she guides us ever so gently that we sometimes forget that shes there."

Peace and take care...Stacey


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