Thursday, February 17, 2011

Juice Feasting!

Day 10, continued:
self care:
Queen Afua's Rejuvenating Mask

Day 11:
apple spinach romaine lettuce juice
carrot sweet potato juice
apple cucumber celery juice w/ Queen Afua Green Formula
apple celery juice w/ Queen Afua Green Formula
carrot juice w/ flax meal 
fit to a tea

self care:
Kundalini Yoga Spinal Energy Series
EFT, for chocolate and sugar cravings

Per yesterdays post, two sheets of paper are on my fridge: my favorite raw foods and drinks and the food I need to have in my home to make the favorites.

My favorites are:
Skin Saver Juice (aloe vera, carrots, green pepper juice)
Apple carrot juice
apple celery cucumber any dark green lemon juice
peach spinach smoothie
Blood (beets, apples, lime juice)
Vanilla Milkshake
Orange Banana Smoothies

Salad Dressing
House Dressing
Ranch Dressing

Main Courses
Broccoli w. sesame sauce
carrot tuna
Dahl (not raw)
Zucchini Pasta
Mango kale salad
Zakhah Kale salad
Royal Seaweed Salad
Cauliflower salad
Portobello Wraps
Mediterranean Burgers
Sun dried Tomato Sushi
Sesame Noodles
Spicy Flax Crackers

Hard Winter Wheat Berries

I did this so I have "go to" meals all the time. I took the food and drinks I love and compiled them all together. I made copies for both my home and my car. The shopping list helps me know what I need to keep in my home. This also helps me post-feast so I know what to purchase the last few days of the feast. When it's time to eat again, I have what I love around me.

Take the time to do the same. Having your favorite foods on hand will make your raw (or vegan) lifestyle easier.

Morning of Day 12, self care:
dry skin brushing
fit to a tea
carrot juice w/ flax meal

Realization: Mama needs more fat. When I was driving to see my old Mystickal Voyage buddies last night, I was lightheaded. I'm going to add smoothies/soups back to keep me more grounded.

Mocha Angel message: See good, hear good, speak good. (And EXPECT YOUR GOOD!)


bitt said...

I like the idea of the list on the fridge.

Can you add a bit of hemp oil or coconut oil? I've heard of people doing that for juice feasting. I also struggled with the lack of fat on the feast. When I felt kind of crappy, a colonic or enema helped too.

Althea said...

Thanks for saying that. I added coconut oil to my smoothie this morning.

Lina40 said...

i am two weeks late, but right on time -- planning to do a juice/smoothie feast for the next 40 days. This is what I needed to read, as I scrolled thru the blog updates on my favorite bloggers :) I hope you are well! Those juices look great - i havent juiced in a year sold my juicer and got a vitamix, but hmm maybe I should buy another? i always add coconut oil, flax, hemp, or udo's blend to my smoothies.. check my page out tomorrow! today is day 0. Hugs, Lina


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