Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Juicefeasting Transition Week

Day 3 I had:
apple banana swiss chard coconut oil smoothie
vanilla milkshake w/ psyillum and flax meal
orange banana smoothie
orange banana swiss chard smoothie
apple carrot ginseng liquid vitamin C ginger bee pollen juice
(at Liquid Earth)

I missed so many camera-ready moments on Day 3. Raymond had a consultation in the neurology dept. at Johns Hopkins. I will bring my camera next time when he has an EEG. I brought 3 mason jars of smoothies and drank them all. We met with a nurse practitioner and a resident. I must say both women were kind and thorough.

JHU is a mammoth place. It's not just one building. We were in the Outpatient Center, which is teeming with humanity. We had to take a number to be seen, and this is in one tiny department! I felt like I was in an assembly line. But I am going to follow through on everything with Raymond. And next time, pictures!


Mocha Angel message: Think about how much you love your parents, children, significant other, etc....Now multiply that times one million. That is how much the Universe loves you.

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