Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two of my Healthy Vegans Got Married!

My favorite superhero raw vegans are married! (Sorry Ladies!) Marcus Patrick and Alisa Angelic are now Mr. and Mrs. Osborne! Whoo Hoo! You all can watch their wedding video on You Tube:

Congratulations! They even got a rainbow as a wedding present!

In case you missed their stories, they were my Healthy Vegans #13 and #14 respectively.
To read Marcus's story click here: Marcus testimony
To read Alisa's testimony, click here: Alisa testimony




Unknown said...

There will be tears in my smoothie....

Pauline's Health said...

Hi Althea!

This is Pauline. I LOVE your blog!!! Will check it every single week. Eating more raw greens and foods and feeling great. I need to connect with you because I desire to connect you with some folks wherein you may be able to collaborate. Shut down my facebook profile for a while as it is too much of a distraction for me at this time. Contact me via AuthoressPaulineRogers.blogspot.com as I need to contact you! Would like to write an article about you and have you as a guest speaker on our radio show. I also wish to put you in contact with some folks here in the area wherein you would have a successful collaboration. Please contact me a.s.a.p! Okay? Not sure how this blogspot contacting service works. Don't know if you or anyone else can access this info. I shall find out right now, I guess. Take care and much love.

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

So excited to find your site. Raw food with a twist. Love to hear that. Love to see your twist on raw food.

Althea said...

Hey Pauline: I left my number on your site. My email is mochaangels@aol.com.


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