Friday, April 17, 2009

Green for a While

I can't believe it's been 10 days since I posted! I went to Atlanta to see my family, which was very much needed. My mother was nice enough to have some green smoothies in the fridge waiting for me. Me and my children had a wonderful, albeit short, time with my parents, grandma, brother, and his girlfriend.

I had said I was backing off gourmet raw food to focus on healing. My healing. My perimenopause post hit a nerve, to my surprise. I did go green before I left, meaning everything I ate was green. This isn't a juice and smoothie fast necessarily. It's a focus on healing foods like green smoothies, green juices, energy soup, wheatgrass, Rejuvelac, and simple green salads and foods.

One of my intents of this blog was to offer simple recipes that anyone could make, regardless of income or kitchen skills. In my quest to get my hormones (and life) back into balance, I am reaching back to that original intention.

Yesterday, I had lots of water (I'm not keeping track, but I have two travel water bottles and a 16 oz glass I use around the house), green smoothies made of kale, apple, frozen peaches, banana, buckwheat sprouts, and water. Yes, I know the smoothie sounds scrumptious, but believe me when I say the fruit cuts the bitterness of the kale.

In Atlanta, I'd made Buckwheat Energy Soup.

1 apple or pear or 1 cup watermelon
1 teaspoon dulse (or nori or kelp, for minerals)
1 cup rejuvelac (or water or vegetable juice)
2-3 cups buckwheat sprouts
1/2 avocado

Blend together until smooth, adding avocado last. Adjust all ingredients to taste.
I know it looks like slop, but it tasted good (not great, just good).

Today I had lots of kale salad, green smoothies, apple juice, water, and 2 green apples.

I purchased soft wheat berries today, and I can begin making my first batch of Rejuvelac. It takes about four to five days to make. I'll keep track of it and report back when the first batch is made. Until then, I'll keep posting about going green :-).

Oh! And I connected with a Mocha Moms group where I live. I am SO happy about this. I met the group for the first time today. It turns out one of my yoga students is a member (I had no idea). This is REALLY good news for me. My children had a wonderful time, and I met some lovely women. I've been a member of Mocha Moms for almost seven years, but since I moved from the metro DC area, I haven't seen most of them in three years. (I'm not going anywhere Monica!) But I am THRILLED to have like-minded women near my home.



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