Saturday, April 25, 2009

Live Collard Greens

Live Collard Greens

If you or your family are from the southern United States, then you are familiar with collard greens being cooked to death for hours on the stove. Remember fatback, bacon, and salt being added to the pot liquor?

These are not your grandmother's collard greens. These raw collard greens are so simple to make. This recipe is from The Yabba Pot. My friend, Chef Skai, owner of the restaurant, has a DVD with recipes, featuring other speakers during a 21 Day Raw Food Challenge.
Skai demonstrates this recipe on her DVD. First, start with washing your collards. Break off them stems. Lay them on a cutting board flat.

Roll them up tight in cigar rolls.

Cut them in thin strips. That's it! Even if you cook collards, this is the easiest way to cut them.
The recipe is:
sea salt
maple syrup
olive oil
Use your hands to mix the ingredients together. Put your love and energy into the food! All of this is to taste. I prefer lots of garlic, but you might enjoy less. Start with small amounts of everything, because once you put the ingredients in, you can't take them out! Let me know what you think of the greens.



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Natasha said...

wow, darlin', you are my saving grace! i love collard greens, and have been wondering about a raw recipe for awhile now. thanks again... beautiful! :)


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