Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Queen Afua Interview, Part 2

So my next question is about Sacred Woman.  I’ve gone through it myself. A friend of mine and I went through it about 4 years ago (2005) together. For those who are not familiar with it, and I know it is comprehensive, but can you share a little bit about what it all encompasses?

Sacred Woman is a book to help to balance out the mental and emotional part of the woman. The key here is to awaken the healer within. And in order to awaken the healer within, she has to have tools. The woman is the primary healer caretaker in her home. She’s living in the home, her children in the home, her mate is in the home, elders in the home – and so she is the one who can heal everyone. And there is a prayer that was on the temple walls thousands of years ago – and I’ll say it in the English translation is- “I am the woman who lighteth the darkness, I have come to light the darkness. It is lightened. I am there for those who weep, who hide their faces, who sunk down, they looked upon me then, I am woman.”

Those who are sunk down, those who are heavy laden – her position is to help to heal them. But in order for her to be the healer, she has to do what? “Heal Thyself” – my first book. You cannot give what you don’t have. You have to be fully charged to be a healer, to be an active healer so the healer doesn’t burn out. So that is what the book is teaching women, healing tools. Taking it from ancient principles and bringing it to the present day, now is the time. So that if you study the text – and you can not read it like you’re going to memorize it -- you read it as a reference, you read it as inspiration, you read it as a bonding with other women who are striving to wake up that healer within and so we touch and we move into 9 aspects of the woman.

And we open the Womb at the beginning – what she births and so we have to do our womb healing. So I have the beginning of the dance of the womb, and womb tonics and womb circles and womb testimonies. And the womb healing scroll based on ancient wisdom.

And then we move ourselves into the Word, the power of the word and what you speak is your medicine- it can destroy or it can build – the word. And it takes us into Love, which is Sacred Relationship with yourself. That’s the gateway of Het-Heru – they’re all based on gateways. Then there’s Sekhemet – the fiery, lion headed healer, who will flush away and burn away instant confusion. There is feminine guardian Ma’at which a whole civilization was based on Ma’at. That we all would be functioning in harmony, peace, reciprocity, justice and truth.

And our goal is to get your sovereignty back as a whole, powerful, dynamic woman. And then there are works and activities and spiritual observances that you do – 14 of them – and you do that at the course of every week or the course of every month- you can focus in on one aspect of yourself and these aspects actually are part of the anatomy – they’re physical, they’re the anatomy of the woman, the Sacred Woman gate.

Sekhemet would be the blood, and Auset would be her consciousness, Bes would be her digestive system moving forward, and Tehuti would be the throat – and so these are different parts of the body, the body members and so those members – in order for you to be a whole woman, they all have to come together into harmony, into Ma’at, they’re supposed to come together as one. And ultimately they will lead us to Nefer Atum, the lotus woman who sends that sweet aroma throughout the world and is able to transform everyone like a mystic queen that she is by her very nature. Even if we come to the gates as wounded women and we do, as hurt women, broken women, that we can mend and we can heal ourselves through the ancients helping us, reconnecting to the source, the beginning, the root of our culture. 

Coming Up: Queen Afua's best advice for women 

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