Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You 2012 and All of You

Thank you everybody for sticking with me after 5 years of blogging. And welcome to the 7 new subscribers who came on in December!

This is been a transitional year into wholeness for me. I was diagnosed with pleurisy in March. Then mistakenly believed to have had a heart attack and mild stroke. Nothing like being admitted to the cardiac wing of a hospital, stuck with the roommate from hell 5 days after your 40th birthday. I didn't have a heart attack. I did not have a stroke. Turns out I was really sick with pleurisy. I was sick for over a month.

But I turned it around. Made it to Kripalu with a much needed vacation and left with an offer to be a presenter at the Yoga Retreat for Women of Color. That was the turnaround point.

I forgave a whole bunch of needless $*&%! baggage from college. Saw my line sisters for the first time in 20 years. Ran my first 5K. Ended the year clear and energized.

I intend my 2013 will be full of peace, love, and joy because I'm full of peace, love, and joy.

And can I celebrate 5 years of being a blogger? I totally missed my November 17 anniversary!

Love and Thanks,


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bitt said...

Happy New Year!


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