Monday, December 24, 2012

Queen Afua Interview, Part 5

The next question is just about children, a lot of my readers have children – what advice do you have for parents to raise healthier, holier, happier children?

I learned a lot from having circles of women. I have a granddaughter that I helped to raise through the first son. And I saw her getting angry when she was 1 ½ years old – and I remember that the women in the circle crying and they were 30, 40 and 50. And that crying started when they were little babies. I remember they would tell me when I would ask them, so when did this crying begin. They would say when they were 5 – they would go into their subconscious and they would pull up the time – when they were 4, when they were 7 so I was looking out for that and I saw that anger come in at a year and a half and then I began to hug her a lot and I let her rest on me tremendously and then one day when she was 3 and a half, she became so loving and so extra sweet and I know she had parents love her, my daughter and her great grandmother – it's a lot of love around her but I still saw some characteristics start coming out and I said, "Ooh we have to heal that one, catch that quick."

Treat our children as if they are their own healers and tell them they have power inside of them all the time. One of the things I would tell my granddaughter, I would ask –“Who are you?” She was 3 and a half then, maybe 4 she said, “I am a healer and I am healing myself.” Once, when I was not doing so well, I went in my backyard of my mother’s house and I laid down on the backyard. I rested on the soil and on the grass to let the earth pull. I took all my juices, my herbs, my bath I did all of that and then I laid down to get that pull and that magnetic energy and she came out and asked me how am I doing and I said I’m healing myself so she went and got some plants and some grass and some dirt and she put it on all the areas she thought I needed. Around my face, on my chest, on my legs and then she sat in a cross-legged position and began to speak in tongues. “Close your eyes,” she said. Then she got some clay, she got my clay, she put that on me, I was filled with the dirt and the grass – all that. What I realize is that she tapped into her inner healer.

I see that children have so much power and we have to raise them like that. Because when they go into the world and they start going to school and life is beating them, they have to know they have the power to change their condition, the power of their mind and their word and their spirit. Teach our children their power, but you can only do that if you have been empowered yourself.

For parents I have a chapter I put into Heal Thyself to update it – I added an extra piece on how to heal your children holistically. They get mumps, measles and chickenpox are all unnecessary - its just toxicity and flesh food and junk food, and processed food– so feed them healthy organic food, become a food coop member it wont be too expensive.

If you feed them high-energy food, then they will not get sick as a normal child and their minds will be very sharp. And they’ll be able to see through people. They will not be hoodwinked and brought into directions that they need not go. They will be protected when they are away from you and then give them nature. Massage them and put them in baths and talk with them. Visit with them and sweat with them, make them your companion of wellness.

Final Part: Global Healing

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