Thursday, December 20, 2012

Queen Afua Interview, Part 3

What is your best advice for women – again I know this is not just a simple question or short question, but do you have just one or two pieces of just really best advice for women to heal their wounds or maintain this good health?

Yes, well I’ve just written a book. It’s the book I’ve been carrying around for 14 years. None of my works come out, like it doesn’t just show up. I walk with it for years and I listen to the women and the women tell me their cries and their hurts, their disappointments and I record it – it’s etched in my soul. And I walk around with their stories in me and I have to place them so that others may heal from their stories. The book that just came out in March in London, it came out – first in London and then it came out here in June and then in the states. And the name of the book is Overcoming an Angry Vagina --Journey to Womb Wisdom.

Inside of this work I talk of all the women, having all the women together, a universal womb because all the women in the whole world are suffering from some type of womb affliction, womb pain, womb suppression, toxic womb conditioning, toxic relationships that have entered into the womb and so we have to heal. So what I have gathered are formulas to help us to recover. Because I look at the womb as 3 centers: the womb is the mind- what we think, we create, we birth. The womb of the heart – what we feel, we create, we birth. What we think and what we feel, we birth through our creation center – our physical womb.

And so many women are birthing now tumors and that’s where the pain is and that’s where the anger is, the disappointment, the self-desecration of the abuse that we have absorbed and it’s inside of that tumor, it’s inside of that heavy bleeding and clotting. It’s inside of the babies that don’t come full term because the tumor outgrows them. It’s inside of the women that have had a hysterectomy. And this book is for women who’ve had hysterectomies as well because you still have a spiritual womb center that must be taken care of so that the keloids do not grow and fester. You must recover. 

Even if you had a hysterectomy, it’s not over because you had a hysterectomy– it will manifest and go to other parts of the body if we do not heal our heart and begin to take a forgiveness walk of ourselves, all our relationships. If we do not begin to speak it out. The women of my mother and my grandmother they will say something like this- if there was incest, they say I will go to my grave with this secret. And when you keep that secret inside, it festers and it can cause cancer - physical and mental, emotional cancer. So this is a platform, “Overcoming” is a platform so that we can begin to talk about it. To cry it through, to forgive through it and so that we can birth our purpose. Because you know it’s all connected, what are we birthing on earth as women – we’re birthing and what are we bringing, attracting to ourselves in our relationships? And so we don’t wait for anyone to heal us, we have to heal ourselves.

This is not a blame book either – it’s a book of redemption, healing, peace, of learning from all of our lessons so we can begin to attract, conceive and birth healthy visions, healthy relationships, organic babies. And so you get a treasure chest with it, the treasure chest is as you birth yourself and overcome, you’re taking nature as your guide using the five elements to heal – air, fire, water, earth and spirit that you’ll begin to be in the 4th portal: birthing your purpose. It will begin to come out of you because we have purpose, but we sometimes we abort our purpose, sometimes we give our purpose a full hysterectomy because we have no faith it will ever happen, or sometimes it won’t go full term.

Or sometimes we can’t even begin to conceive it because we can not believe that it could happen, that we could possibly and the way the world is bring forth our purpose. But I say that we can and that we must if we’re to be whole at all. Because we have all been given a gift of purpose and vision but for whatever different things that have happened to us we become short-circuited, and then we shut down. But it’s time to open up the womb and let the joy flow through. And so this is the work for the women that they can take the book and study the formulas and form the circles and do the work and heal themselves. 

Coming Up: Reclaiming our "healthonomics."

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Maria said...

Will be having my hysterectomy after XMAS. I must read this book.


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