Saturday, December 22, 2012

Queen Afua Interview, Part 4

I want to go on to “City of Wellness”. In the “City of Wellness”, you call it “an urgent call for humanity to reclaim their 'healthonomics.'” Can you elaborate on that?

It’s really saying that the people’s souls are starving, for balance. Because economics could be the form of shells or crystals, dollars and coins, barter - this is economics, so it’s all coming from inside. Economics...  prosperity...all come from a prosperous soul. Impoverishment is coming forth from an impoverished soul. So when you are filled, when you are charged, when you are supported – then you begin to birth your prosperity.

So what I have witnessed is that as one begins to heal and stays committed to their wellness, they start to become very creative and they’re able to tap in and hear that inner voice tell them, “This is how you can make your living, this is how you ought to make your living, this is who you’re to speak with, this is who you’re to connect with, this is what you are to study.” 

We have these formulas of life that speak to us if our frequency is raised up high enough. And so it’s come to a time that we must raise our frequency. And frequency and economics is one in the same. Everything is based on energy. Stones have energy, plants have energy, air has energy. Your voice has energy, colors have energy – all of this is energy. Now some energy may be very low, and some energy may be medium and some may be high – optimal high energy.

When we go to a concert to hear someone sing or dance, or play an instrument, we’re going because we want our frequency to be charged, we want to be lifted. So sometimes we’ll pay, we’ll pay everything we have to pay to get that charge. And that’s the frequency being raised. So when you heal yourself, you begin to elevate your frequency and you begin to attract the prosperity and all that supports that prosperous soul to come into its fullness.

Wow…okay I never thought of it like that…

You know where your thoughts come from? Because I don’t have to think about it. I have been getting up in the morning for 25 years at 4 o’clock. And its not my own idea, I mean I read about it years ago that rising up in those hours – in those melanin hours you receive direct information from the most high – whatever name we call the most high. And so you get this super charged, unique information that helps people – that is your quest. Or whatever it is, it can be your purpose, what is your purpose – you rise up at 4 o clock and when you hear it. In those hours that I heard Heal Thyself and I was guided, I heard Sacred Woman, I was up everyday at that time listening to the ancestors, listening to the gates and what they were saying to me and then I would be up in those hours in the City of Wellness and I would say 7 Kitchens of Consciousness? So what about kitchens? I would be asking questions like you’re asking me. And I’d say “really?” And I’d have this back and forth conversation expressing, “Oh that’s powerful, Oh give thanks!” 

I would get excited, it’s now here 5 o clock in the morning – and I’d be like oh my goodness that is wonderful and so oh just give thanks! And so that’s what’s been going on for years and then now Overcoming I didn’t even know the name of the book even for Overcoming was first it was “The Voice of the Womb” - that was 14 years ago. And then it became “Womb Wisdom.” Then it became “Womb Wellness” and then really just last year it downloaded, I remember it was around October I got a download of Overcoming an Angry Vagina – I said “What!?” I’m having this inner dialogue of spirit. I said, “Why is that?” And Spirit replied,  “Because the women are hurting and hurt that is unaddressed translates into anger and rage. If you help them to overcome then they will be free of those issues from their 3 womb centers.” I said “3 womb centers?” 

So I’m getting this information from - they call it the upper room? The higher consciousness and so that’s how it all comes – that’s how everything comes that we want if we want to be liberated, the liberation is inside of us. If we want freedom, it’s inside of us. If we want wellness – it’s inside of us. Everything that we want in this world is for our best and our highest good and for the part that reminds us, it’s inside of us. So the visions, that’s where they come from – from inside.

Coming up: Queen Afua's best advice for raising children.


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