Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Queen Afua Interview, Part 6

Queen Afua and my husband, Rom Wills

The last question – I could talk to you all day. I’ve read all the books – I remember reading Heal Thyself in 1999 when it was the dark green version – so I’m a for real Queen Afua advocate. So when I read that book I was like “this is the bomb." My now husband and I were in my apartment on my couch and he said, "I have never seen you read a book like that before." I was all into it. You should see my copy of Sacred Woman, it’s all falling apart (Queen Afua – I’m so proud of you … because if it looks all fresh, that means you haven’t been working it)– it’s tore up. You signed it in D.C., we met twice (I look forward to hugging you again).  Do you have any one piece of knowledge that you want to share with my readers – most of them are Black women, but I have people of all races, both sexes, anything you want to share?

Yes, my work has been primarily with the Africans in America, the Caribbean, Hispanic beings and it has been primarily 75% women – but when I started this journey it was really for both women and men.
But who came forth? The primary healers - the women came and they would go back and they would heal their families. And so I went that, the wave of the wind, that was the way the current went.

But global healing shows up in Heal Thyself. When I was writing about the globe I was thinking about all the people, because we all share the same air and if the air is toxic, then we’re all going to be poisoned by it – we must purify the air. And we all share the topsoil that grows the fruits and vegetables with not all of their nutrients in them so if the topsoil is depleted we all will suffer. And we all share the same water, bathing in it, drinking it. We share it and so if the waters are not pure we will suffer. And so we are on one Earth and we must begin to take on a holistic lifestyle so that we can have more reverence and more respect for nature. 

Nature provides for all of us, no matter our religion or walk of life. We need to understand this and tap into the power that is in nature. So I say to all of us, let’s give reverence and honor and gratitude to the air, the wind, the water, the earth, the sun and give thanks. Because without any one of those elements we are no more. But if we embrace all of them through our healing and cleansing, then we are made whole again. We are made healthy again and we are made into a humanity that is truly a humanity that cares one for the other. Then there will be war no more. Our children will not suffer from violence in the home or in the street, and we will not fight because someone is one religion or a next. Gender – there’s a battle going on and I know as we heal ourselves, that peace will reign supreme here and abroad. Globally I wish wellness for all who hear this message and that they take on this walk, this mighty, powerful transformative walk of wellness to save humanity. It is necessary to raise our frequency.


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