Monday, March 24, 2008

5 Things About Me

Tag! I'm it. Okay, I've been tagged by my friend Gail at The Writer Stuff to tell five things about me you probably don't know.

I used to be able to sing. I sang in choir in high school, sang at karaoke clubs all the time, and auditioned for two bands. I lost my singing voice in my fifth month of pregnancy with Alpha Child. I only know one other woman that has happened to. Now I sound like those people who audition for American Idol who think they can sing. LOL.

I'm an American Idol freak. Like, I watch the reruns on Saturday nights from Seasons 1 and 2. I'm ridiculous. I work every Tuesday night now, so my poor husband has to tape it for me. I can tell you every top twelve contestant from Seasons 2 through the present, where they are from, when they were booted off, everything. Like I said, it's crazy. But it's the American Dream. I only watch Oprah, American Idol, and Heroes (God, how I miss that show), and 24 (When it was good; What the heck happened last season? Were those writers on crack?).

I won the African-American Writers Helping Writers Award for Best Self-Published Fiction in 2002 for Walking The Line.

I graduated from high school when I was sixteen. Only one person in my graduating class was younger than me, by a few months. Her name was Charis (short for Charisma). I named my main character in Walking The Line after her. I'll never forget her. Very sweet girl.

My highest dream is to win an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for one of my novels. You have no idea how many times that image swirls in my mind. I'm only sharing so you all can hold that vision for me too and help manifest it into reality.

5 1/2.
And where are the black female superheroes? Can I get a witness? This is something that burns within me. As a Buffy and Alias fanatic (oh, I've seen every episode of Alias on DVD), all I kept saying was, "Where are the sisters?" We've got Monica on Heroes now, and if you search the Internet, there is a comic book site message board that lists all the black female super-characters known to man. But I'm talking about in popular culture. Catwoman was a flop, but I applaud Halle Berry for the effort, and she was Storm in X-Men, (which really should have been Angela Bassett), but I digress. Eartha Kitt was Catwoman for a minute in the Batman TV series. A sister got to be one of many slayers-in-training in Season 7 of Buffy. And that leaves us with........the sound of nothingness. Oh, hell to the no.

Althea to the rescue (don't you all forget about that Academy Award...more to come.) ◦

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TheWriterStuff said...

Sorry you lost your voice; I guess that wasn't your destiny. I'll hold that vision of the Academy Award for you. I can see you making your acceptance speech in your Armani gown and your list of all those you want to thank (make sure I'm on there, LOL!). If you can see it then you can be it. Keep your eyes on the prize, girlfriend.


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