Friday, March 28, 2008

Inspiration: Terrilynn

After my 3-day smoothie and juice fast a few weeks ago, I said I would do another one when my children were older. Then I read Terrilynn's blog, Inspiration: Life. She completed a 92-day juice feast all while raising four kids, the youngest being ages 1 and 2. Well, okay then. I read every single post in her blog all the while in amazement. I started to consider doing a longer fast.

Then I had a dream: I was in a basement that had exposed brick on one wall. Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover was there. I asked him "how long does it take you to remodel those houses on the show?" He said, "Two weeks." I pointed to the brick wall. I said, "how long will it take to remodel this house?" He said, "two weeks." When I woke up I knew Ty was talking about me. In dreams, houses represent the self. So 14 days it is, thanks to Ty and Terrilynn. I may go longer, we'll see.

Why am I doing this? To knock down some of my brick wall issues. When you don't eat solid food, there is nothing to mask your emotions. Food, especially heavy, processed food (all the life processed out of it) stifles emotions. Dead food deadens feelings. I don't want that any longer. I want to "break on through to the other side." So me and my friend Amaadi start on Monday, March 31. We are going to a raw potluck on Sunday, March 30 and kicking off the 14 day smoothie/juice/sesame seed milk fast the next day. I'll post a picture of me and Amaadi before we start.

Oh, and I am currently reading Angela Stokes' e-book Raw Emotions. Perfect for where I am emotionally right now. I will post a review in a few days.

And here is a picture of the next generation juicing. Beta child loves to juice. He won't drink it (yet) but he pushes my oldest son out of the way so he can do it all by himself. :-) Pictures cannot convey this child's enthusiasm for juicing! That's him juicing carrots.


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Terilynn said...


That's so wonderful! I'm so glad you found your time and I am blownaway that I was your inspiration. That's quite an honor. I look forward to seeing where your feast takes you. Take it easy and keep it juicy.

Peace and love,


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