Saturday, March 8, 2008

Juice & Smoothie Fast - Days 1 and 2

As promised for my birthday weekend (March 7, 8, and 9), I would do a juice and smoothie fast to usher in the new Althea in her 36th year. My birthday fell on the New Moon, which I didn't realize, so I feel extra good about this. To start, I knew I would have to address my chocolate issues (am I a choco-holic?). I love chocolate anything, but chocolate candy bars are a ridiculous weakness. Heavily processed stuff and really not good for you. My chocolate issues went WAY past, "Oh, I'm just enjoying a special treat." No. I've been about 80% raw, but the chocolate thing had not gone away. I decided to commit to drinking sesame seed milk everyday until my cravings go away. Sesame seeds are high in calcium. Between my raw books and the Raw Soul yahoo group, the consensus was the same: either I am lacking in calcium or craving salt. I've never been into salt, so I think it's a calcium deficiency. In the past, when I'd had sesame seed milk, I didn't think about chocolate. So I bought five 12oz bags and ordered two five-pound boxes that I should get on Monday.

Here's how the juice and smoothie fast has gone:

Friday, March 7

I had:
4 cups of water
2 cups of sesame seed milk
1/2 cup cantaloupe juice
4 cups orange/banana/romaine lettuce/beet leaves smoothie
4 cups kiwi/orange/banana/romaine lettuce smoothie
4 cups orange/banana/romaine lettuce smoothie
2 1/2 cups strawberry/banana/romaine lettuce smoothie

Emotions: AWESOME DAY! Best birthday week and day EVER. My phone rang off the hook. We picked up our second car that had been fixed. Woo Hoo! I was really happy, for most of the day. I was INCREDIBLY sleepy late morning. I slept for 20 minutes on the couch while my sons played in their room. Later that night, I kept getting really pissed off at my relatives. I was like, "this has been a great day...why am I so angry?" I realized that I didn't have food to stuff down my emotions (candy bar, anyone?). BIG realization for me.

Detox symptoms: Super sleepy.

Cravings: Nori roll with cauliflower, avocados and carrots.

Saturday, March 8

I had:
4 cups water
2 cups sesame seed milk
3 cups peach/banana/kale smoothie
4 cups kiwi/orange/strawberry/banana/kale smoothie
2 12 oz. Bolthouse Green Goodness smoothies
4 cups apple/kiwi/banana/parsley/beet lettuce smoothie
4 cups orange/kiwi/blackberry/banana/parsley smoothie
1 cup apple/beet lettuce/green pepper juice

Emotions: Even steven. Another great day. I went out with Beta child to run errands, in the pouring rain. It didn't bother me. I went out with Alpha child to Whole Foods because a friend (hi friend!) took me to Whole Foods as a birthday gift. The rain was even HARDER. Didn't bother me. But that was the closest I came to eating food. Alpha child was hungry, so I got him a hot plate of tofu, sweet potatoes, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. I got two green smoothies. Yes, I wanted that tofu, but I resisted :-). When I came home, I had to make my smoothies, and feed my family, so I was tired, but I'm okay now.

Detox symptoms
: The coated tongue. When I woke up this morning, my tongue was white. By 7:00pm tonight, it was white again and my tongue tasted like chalk. Yuck. My mom looked it up and said it's a normal detox symptom. I probably need a colon cleanse too.

Cravings: I REALLY want a nori roll. Got the stuff to make it on Tuesday. The first thing I thought about when I woke up was a strawberry parfait, which I have never had. I think I'm supposed to create one.

Day 3 coming up tomorrow! ◦

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