Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back on Raw

Back on raw! Today is Monday, May 25, and I'm running on 3 hours of sleep. Still mourning Adam Lambert's runner-up status on American Idol (yes, I know...but I've watched nearly episode from Season 2 to the present, and nobody like him has ever stepped on the Idol stage), I watched a few of his performances still had left on my DVR after Raymond watched Iron Chef. We went to bed at 10:30pm. Jona woke up at 1:25am, and still has not gone back to sleep. He's been singing and dancing since he woke up. Do I have an Adam Lambert on my hands?

I am doing better than I thought. I've been raw since I ended my juice feast. Forty-eight hours of raw is buffering the lack of sleep.

On May 23rd, I ate:
water w/ lemon and chili pepper flakes
apple/banana/collard/kale smoothie
cucumber/mint/parsley/collard/lettuce/apple juice
kale salad

On May 24th, I ate:
carrot juice
water w/lemon
peas and kale salad
salad w/sesame dressing
tahini shake

This is a juice I had this morning. It's from Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney.
2 cucumbers/2 carrots/ 1/2 cup parsley/ 2 apples/ 1/2 cup mint/ 1 rib celery/ 1/2 inch ginger/ 1 peeled lemon
It was surprisingly fantastic. I'm thinking about making another one. It tastes like lemon-ginger juice. It's not a combination I would have ever put together on my own. I gave it a go because I had everything, except celery, on hand. I'm calling it "Matt Juice." Matthew has some entrees in his book I'm going to try. I'll give a review after I do 5 recipes.

Until then, I've got to take a nap!...when Rom comes home :-(.


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