Friday, May 15, 2009

Juice Feast Days 7 and 8

On Day 7, I had:

Apple/carrot (twice)
mint tea
I love myself enough to heal.

Exercise: yoga, 15 minutes on bike, bicep curls, abs

I finally got to exercise! I teach yoga on Thursday mornings. Blessedly there is childcare at my gym. My sons love this place. Whenever I pick them up, they are happy to see me, but they're not exactly racing out the door either. I took a chance and worked out after yoga. It felt soooooo good. Day 8 was the first day in a long time I haven't woken up with a stiff back.

On Day 8, I had:

apple/kale/cabbage/green pepper/lemon
apple/kale/green pepper/lemon
mint tea

Mantra: I earn a fabulous income in a career I enjoy.

Exercise: Yoga in the morning

I'm moving into more green juices and cutting down the amount of fruit. I'm moving slowly toward my first all-green, all vegetable juice. The apple/kale/cabbage combo was surprisingly tasty. Cabbage gives it an unexpected "bite" in a good way.

Day 8 was a dragging day, energy-wise. I was far too tired. I just dragged and dragged. I didn't take the kids to the Mocha Moms support group meeting because I couldn't see myself driving. It was not a good feeling.

I had asked my Higher Guidance how long I should do this. I ask for the answer to be clear and understandable to me. In a dream, it came to me as 45 total days. The last day would be June 23. Then, last night in another dream the numbers 2 and 3 showed up together. Okay, June 23. But I also decided to add one huge, hunkin' salad for lunch everyday. My colon is not moving. The detoxification has slowed down. I feel like I need fiber.

And I get to play around with salads. I have admitted in the past that I've avoided salads. This way I focus on two of the biggest components of a raw food lifestyle: salads, homemade dressings, and juices.

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Aimee (bitt) said...

i wonder if the not-moving colon is why they say to do an enema a day. i don't know if i could go there...yet. i am just doing high-juice diet right now and it's helping a lot.


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