Monday, May 11, 2009

Juice Feast Days 2 and 3

Good Morning, Family! It's been a rough, yet inspirational forty-eight hours for me. Let me tell you what I drank on Day 2:

Personal Mantra: My house is a loving, peaceful, inviting place to live.
Jay's Lemonade: apples and lemon
lemon/agave/water/pepper tea
water (lots)
Blood (beets/apple/ginger/lemon)

My mantra on Day 1 was The Universe loves and supports me. I truly felt that on Saturday. I was at the grocery store getting food for Rom and the boys. After I paid for the food, I got my receipt as usual, AND, surprise, I got a coupon for TEN DOLLARS off my next visit. You know what I did? I turned around and bought some fruit and vegetables. I bought two bags of apples, one bag of carrots, a lemon, and cabbage. That came to $12.54. With my coupon, I only paid $2.54. That is a clear example of The Universe loves and supports me.

Jona took his nap while I was gone. I was sleep-deprived and never napped on Saturday. Then, around 8:00pm, I started cramping and I knew my menstrual cycle was about to start. With my peri-menopause symptoms, I knew it was coming. And I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I had a tubal ligation in August 2006. My cramps have been off-the-charts painful ever since. I know my organs are pliable, but Saturday night it felt like some was trying break my fallopian tubes in half...with a saw. Rom got me a heating pad, and I was able to fall asleep.

On Day 3, Mother's Day I awoke to my gifts: FRUIT! (The Universe loves and supports me...those mantras really do work). Rom supports me on this juice feast and his actions followed. I was thrilled!

He cut up the fruit for me to save me time preparing the juice. Here's what I had on Day 3:
Personal Mantra: My house is a loving, peaceful, inviting place to live (I chose to repeat the mantra from Day 2)
2 apples/4 kiwi
2 apples/6 strawberries
mint tea twice
Detox symptom: runny nose
After three years of living in this house, we finally figured out that we have fresh mint growing in our backyard.

The mint about five feet wide and 2 feet high. I'll be drinking a lot of mint tea, which is my favorite! What a blessing!

On to the other good things that happened yesterday:
- At the grocery store, I let the woman in front of me use my discount card. Her bill instantly dropped twenty-two dollars! She hugged me like she'd known me forever. I thought that was cool.
- My friend Victoria has dubbed my juices "Althea's Magic Elixirs." LOL!

Today is the morning of Day 4. I am exhausted. Jona had tummy trouble and was feverish last night and didn't fall asleep until 10:00pm. He woke up again around midnight. I'm tired, but Jona is running around playing with his brother. My major goal for the day is to SIT DOWN. Wish me luck on that one. :-)




Ayoko (my actual middle name) said...

I need to learn more about mantras, I have a history of mental anxiety in my family and it has been passed down to me, I been trying to find ways to control it and I started meditating which worked but I never really had the time.

I also wanted to say that Jona is very handsome. And good luck on your 'juice' journey.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Luck on that one!

Aimee (bitt) said...

thank you for telling us how you use affirmations. i've read the books but i haven't gotten to the place of using them yet.

keep up the pics of the kids! i love seeing kids and raw food/juice together. makes me so happy!

sounds like you are doing well.


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