Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beginning a Juice Feast

Hi Family:

After reading your comments in my survey, I'm going to start calling my readers "The Keep It Real Crew." Some of you cracked me up. (To the lady leery of recipe ebooks, PLEASE email me. You can be part of my "test kitchen" if you're interested.) All of your comments touched me. I sincerely appreciate the time you all took to answer the survey. I took everything you all said to heart.

My blog has grown far larger than I ever expected. I received the same amount of new subscribers between January-April 2009 as I did in the entire year of 2008. Woah! Thank you!

And since I've been eating more "green" food, I've been contemplating a juice feast. If you've been reading The Raw Mocha Angel for a while, you know about my home life and responsibilities. It can be off the chain sometimes. I realized a few days ago that I have not had a comfortable living space/situation in nine years. From June 2000 to now, I've either lived in places that I could never relax in or, as I am now, in a house that needs a LOT of TLC and I've got the dysfunctional relatives as a bonus.

But I do not believe in accidents. I believe that we are co-creators of our lives. How and where we live is a reflection of how we see ourselves. That's a tough thing to admit.

I have been pushed by my Higher Guidance/Angels/God/Universe/whatever you'd like to call it/ to "fast and pray." I did a two-day fast a few weeks ago, but I just wasn't that into it. I've been resisting the call. I've done three fasts before: a three-day, a fourteen-day, and a twenty-one day. The fourteen day juice fast was the best of them all.

So why my resistance this time around? Things are going to change. Now, for my long-time readers and friends, ya'll know my home life needs to change, for real. I will admit to a certain level of fear of massive change. Intellectually, I know everything will change for the better. But an intense detox, like a juice feast, will shake things up internally and externally. It's like Spring Cleaning: the entire house is a mess before it's beautiful.

So the feast starts tomorrow, Friday, May 8th. It will last at least 30 days.
I'm joining the Juice Feasting website, and I have been re-reading A Juice Feaster's Handbook by Angela Stokes. I'm armed with The Juiceman's Power of Juicing by Jay Kordich, Juicing for Life by Cherie Calbom, and Heal Thyself by Queen Afua.

Even before I finalized this decision, I had invited raw chefs to be guest bloggers for The Raw Mocha Angel. They will post once a month to share their favorite raw food recipes for you all. I am really excited about that!

And I'm excited, and nervous, about taking this major step toward healing. Thank you for coming along!


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Aimee (bitt) said...

Good for you! I love juicing and I've read a lot about feasting. I am waiting to be ready to do it. I drink tons of juice now but I'd still need to quadruple it to get enough in!


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