Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 7: Just Because It's in Front of Me....

On Day 7, I had:
8 cups of water
2 cups apple/carrot/beet juice
2 cups orange/collard juice
1 cup Golden Flowers tea
2 cups apple/lemon/broccoli/kale/collard juice
1 cup apple/collard/romaine lettuce juice

The big revelation of the day? Just because food is in front of me, doesn't mean that I have to eat it. Huge breakthrough. I made my oldest son an apple crisp. I didn't touch it. It was in that moment that I realized I don't have to eat something just because it is there. I don't know about people in other countries, but in America, food is every freakin' where. And we eat at nearly every major holiday: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween (the abundance of candy), Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, and of course, Christmas. And let's not forget family reunions and birthdays. The more religious holidays like Ramadan, Lent, and Yom Kippur, people fast and atone. I believe that is what I am doing.

I've cook everyday for my family. I have made some of my personal favorites like the kale salad, pizza, apple crisp, pancakes, and I have not eaten a thing. I truly believe that my "why" or reason for doing this, is big enough to keep me honest. But it's still challenging. I sent out an email last night and this morning asking my friends for their virtual "atta-girl." The emails have been a life-saver.

Until tomorrow,
Althea ◦

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