Thursday, August 19, 2010

21-Day Negativity Fast

I read a remarkable article a few weeks ago on It's called "A 21-Day Negativity Fast: Inspiration from a Truly Blessed Man," written by Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit. (If you don't do anything else today, read this article!)

Myss writes about Willie Smith, a former drug dealer turned personal trainer and minister. Smith had what's known as a "conversion experience." In short, it's a an "immediate and complete mystical transformation of a core part of one's nature, always resulting in an illuminated understanding of God, love or any of the graces that enhance humanity." Myss' example is Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol.

Myss goes on to write about Smith's 21-Day Negativity Fast. No negative thoughts for twenty-one days. At the end of one, he feels his spirit renewed. 

I gave it a sincere try. But here was my issue: with every negative thought (and there were lots of them!), I would berate myself.
Stop! That's negative!
The first day was a learning experience. I didn't realize how negative I could be. By Day Two, I was getting on my own nerves. I dropped the Fast.

I came back to it because I realized I was looking at the Fast the wrong way. Instead of "I can't think anything negative," I now remain positive and loving. As Smith said, "Feed the brain love."

We have the freedom to think whatever we want. We always have the freedom to change our minds, at any moment, at any time, about anything. We are not "fixed." Human beings are "fluid." Just because you believed something yesterday doesn't mean you must believe it today.

You can choose to look at you life and hate your family/job/money/home/situation/whatever or you can choose to feel gratitude that you actually have a family who loves you, a job that pays the bills, money in your bank account, and whatever else you are blessed to have.

If none of that makes sense, start with being grateful that you have the ability to change your mind.

What you focus on grows. Focus on the love and the good in your life, and your life will change. :-)

(positive comments always welcomed!)



myrawlife said...

This is such an excellent and inspirational concept! Thank you for posting this! I will definitely look into this. I need a good mental lift! =) Peace my friend! =)

Erica said...

You are so accurate!
I am blessed to have the ability to change my thoughts. Negative thinking just seems to have become a way of life.
By choosing to change my perspective, my negative words, thoughts, and behaviors into those that are positive, the universe will inturn send good things my way.
It's going to take practice - cognative therapy works - as long as you use it.
I'll make sure to read the article ASAP.
Thanks for sharing!


ok, I've been inspired!! I am definately going to try this. Maybe for 7 days...wait 5, 1 day. hmmmm...ok, that's negative thinking...:) I am in for 7 days and, YES!! I can do it. Thanks for sharing


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