Friday, August 13, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan?

Amaadi Coleman and her oldest son Khary

I'm starting a weekly feature called "Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan?" That's what detractors say when launching diatribes against veganism. First of all, it's a stupid @$$ question. Second, when I read or hear that, I want to ask, "Do you KNOW any vegans?" Third, I consider this feature a natural off-shoot of my Eating for Beauty post and the 11th Step in The Raw Vegan Hero's Journey: "Be a Shining Example of Health."

Ya'll know I am neither dogmatic nor fundamentalist. I am an Independent voter (it reads "Unaffiliated" on my voter registration card) and I belong to no church. But that question irks me. Like healthy vegans are as hard to find as the endangered Saiga Antelope in Uzbekistan.

But my answer to aforementioned question is "YES! I have seen healthy vegans." I want to feature one person per week. I think I can find 52 healthy vegans in one year. I want mostly regular folk. Actors and actresses are paid to look good, and have teams of people keeping them looking their best.

And the first person I've featured is my good friend Amaadi Coleman. She, her husband Lorre Trower, and their children are all shining examples of health! You go, girl!

If you want to be one of those people featured, email 1-2 awesome photos of you (ideally head and body shots), and a bio to me at

I've lots of readers in beautiful sunny Southern California, so I know you sexy readers are out there! New York, Georgia, and Virginia aren't far behind. And Finland, England, and Norway bring the most readers from Europe! Don't be shy. This is your time to shine!




wisdom goddess born said...

Wow Althea,
Your posts just blow me away. I am neither a vegan nor a detractor of vegans, but you are an example of health and healing that am honored to have the pleasure of reading. you make compelling arguments for lifestyle just by telling oyur story so honestly, with such good writing. I am truly a fan.

Althea said...

Wow! Thank you so much for that. Comments like yours are what keep me going each day. I truly appreciate you. {{HUGS}}

Althea said...

(And post your comments here on the blog, ya'll! If it's in English, I will approve it! I love your emails. I save each and every one of them, but let the world know, not just me, how much you enjoy my blog.)

wisdom goddess born said...

Honestly I can spell much better than the example here.

Angelique said...

Great idea, Althea!

bitt said...

My husband said he would think about it. He's a longtime vegan, over 13 years. In my opinion, he is a very healthy. He's a little shy though.

Wish I could do it but since I have some chronic health issues I am not the best candidate, although I do feel my diet helps a lot.

Great idea!

Karen said...

You both look gorgeous! I love your blog and have just started following it. I've just stared my own blog, which is nowhere as good as yours yet, but you are inspiring me! x


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