Friday, August 6, 2010

Affirmations for Health

These affirmations are from pages 57 & 58 of Leah Salmon's "The Ultimate You."
 Leah suggests that you do the following: Use one of the above affirmations or make up your own that will help you achieve one of your health goals. Make sure you say it several times every day for a week.
See how close you are to achieving that goal by the end of the week. Any progress
will be an achievement.
Raw Food:
Today I will be a raw vegan because

It feels so right

I don’t want to be controlled by food anymore

I feel mentally stronger

I love all the energy I have

I am a good example to my family

I don’t want to feel addicted

I don’t want to make excuses for eating junk food

We were given every herb of the field as our meat

I can do it.

Today I will…

Be a loving mother to my boys

Be a caring wife

Be patient

Work hard and stay focused

No shouting

No aggression

No quitting

Remember why you are doing this

To nurture, enrich and protect your family

Remember why you are here

To be the best you can be

Remember you are

A mother, wife, Mocha Angel, teacher, and protector

Here are some shorter affirmations that Leah uses with her clients that you can add to your daily routine:

• I have energy, happiness and abundant health

• Every cell in my body radiates bright beautiful health

• My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.

• I am healthy in body, mind and spirit

• I am strong, whole and healthy.

• I will stick to my eating plan and feel great for it

• I don’t need alcohol / cigarettes / chocolate today because I already feel great

• I am glad to be working and will work with a smile today

• I will show kindness and caring to everyone I meet today

• I will accomplish my goals and fulfill my desires
Change the above affirmations to fit you and your situation.
I've used affirmations for over a decade. I know they work. This isn't simply "thinking positive." Affirming means to "pray in the present tense." You are declaring "what is" even if it hasn't happened yet. Your subconscious mind does not know what is real. It will take whatever dominant mental images, or thoughts, you have and manifest them into physical reality. Try it for a week and let me know what happens.



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