Friday, August 27, 2010

The Healing Plan

Raymond's certificate of completion of Art Camp at The Creative Alliance

Raymond had an appointment at Kennedy Krieger's Center for Autism Research (CARD) on Wednesday. Twenty-five hours prior, I cancelled it.

Raymond had gotten yet another report from the Neuropsychology Department of Kennedy Krieger. Dr. Brenda Fawcett, an awesome lady BTW, spent 6 hours with Raymond and wrote a 15-page report about my son. She also spoke with me at length. Her diagnosis was Autism and ADHD.

After getting Jona's speech evaluated at Kennedy Krieger (yes, we've spent a lot of time there!), I made a decision. It's time to get started on my children's healing. I have all the reports I need.

I read a book called Disconnected Kids by Dr. Robert Melillo. I like that Melillo takes the holistic approach. No drugs. No surgery. Nothing invasive. He focuses on strengthening brain hemispheric weaknesses, nutritional healing, behavioral discipline, and academic training....all at the same time. I am going to use his approach with Raymond.

With Jona, I'm taking the nutritional and energy healing approach. There's lots of physical exercises in Disconnected Kids. Getting Jona to do them would be a challenge, so I'm taking a back-door approach with him. He does like yoga, so we'll be doing that instead.

Jona wanting more cake at Raymond's Art Camp celebration

As a side note, I've noticed that people have VERY strong opinions when it comes to Autism. It reminds me of the hysteria and ignorance around AIDS and HIV in the 1980s. You'd think we were talking politics or religion. The heat and emotion around Autism astounds me sometimes. Because I'm taking the gentle, holistic approach to healing my boys, I ask my readers for love and support. I'm not one to tolerate nastiness. I'm staying positive, and I want that positivity from my readers too!

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