Saturday, August 21, 2010

Excuse this Commercial Interruption...

The Raw Mocha Angel is fighting off a nasty something that is trying to take hold in her lungs. It's not pretty folks. I lost my voice on Thursday, now I'm sore, achy, and my lungs hurt. Not good. I must get some rest. If someone could make me LOTS of green juices and deliver them to my house, that would be even better! :-)

And during this commercial break from blogging, could someone tell me what the above weed is? I thought it was purslane, but not I'm not sure. It grows right next to my home under an evergreen.

Thanks and love,
Althea ◦


Leigh Keller said...

Looks like a dandelion to me... Hope you recover soon.

Earth Mother said...

That's dandelion you've got there, Althea, not purslane.

Wish I could send you over some fresh Elderberry syrup I just made to knock that nasty something right out of you.

Rest and be well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Althea, sure hope you feel better soon and the plants appears to be Dandelion. It grows wild also.


ChocolateOrchid said...

Ditto on the dandelion.
Feel better soon.


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