Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diagnosis for Raymond and Jona

My favorite picture of my men!

My children finally have an official diagnosis after 9 months of psychologists, neuropsychology testing, M.D.'s, Developmental M.D.s, Individualized Educational Plans, and more.

Jona's diagnosis is mild to moderate Autism.
Raymond's diagnosis is Nervous System Disorder-not specified, and Expressive/ Receptive Delay.

Since I knew this day was coming, I started my other blog, Healing My Sons, for that reason. Over there, I will talk about the boys' progress, and all of their educational, speech, occupational, and nutritional therapies.

You can subscribe to that blog as well. I'm keeping the blogs separate because I wanted to dedicate a blog just for the boys. I won't be able to remember all that we are going to do, so I thought the blog would be a good way to chronicle their journey.

This photo is of my brother John, Raymond, my husband Rom, and Jona. John was kind enough to come from Atlanta to watch the kids while Rom and I saw Dr. Trevor Valentine, their developmental pediatrician.

John and Raymond

And Jona, ever the difficult one when it comes to taking photos, had to get his feelings in! He is a photographer, for sure. He'd rather take the photos than be in them!

So if you know anyone who has children with any kind of speech/language delay or Autism, send them to www.healingmysons.blogspot.com.

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