Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Three Reasons Why I Should Win a Black Weblog Award

3. Oprah didn't call. (Yet! I haven't given up on a broadcast television show. I'm simply taking the scenic route.:-) But a sister deserves something, y'know?
2. I make the best biscuits and chocolate chip cookies in the world. Oh, wait, you don't know? You betta ask somebody!
1. The next time my stepfather asks me, "Girl, when you gonna make some money off that blog?" I can say, "Hey, man, back up off me. At least I won two awards!"

The Raw Mocha Angel is a Finalist in two categories:

-Best Cooking or Food Blog
-Best Health or Wellness Blog
Please get to the end of the form where you include your email and name. Be sure to press "submit." You will receive a confirmation email when you are done.

thank you!
Althea ◦


Lina40 said...

I voted for you girl :) I had never heard of your blog until I went to vote for another blog (different category) and saw your blog name -- I've been high raw (80%) for about 2 years, and I've never felt better. Just started my own blog this week -
planning to add a raw section to it as well. I loove your info here -- I live in the Midwest and tend to get a sideways glance when I say I eat raw foods.. but its getting better. My 15 month old loves green smoothies and any fruit and veggie you put in front of him (depending on texture, lol).

Many blessings! I hope you win! I will be following you now sweetie! Thanks for the divine connection ;)

Althea said...

Thanks Lina. I'm following your blog now. That's what a nomination will do! (Yea!) Love your blog and your son is beautiful :-)


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